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All prints are hand signed and numbered by Desiree Hullaster
Prints are created by professionals with museum quality, direct UV printing exclusively for fine art.

Fine Art Paper print image is 10″x10″ with a 1 inch white boarder, in a 12″x12″ black frame. Frame is composite wood with clear acrylic, no glass. Fine art paper is 100% cotton and acid-free

Original Painting Details

Size: 36 x 36 inches ; 1.5 inch gallery wrapped canvas

Medium: Acrylic on canvas


About “Onion Boy”

Onion Boy represents a fun, silly side of human nature with an added layer in the Man of Many Faces Series. This painting was inspired by the memorable, yet not so memorable “Island Boys” on the surface but he has a plethora of complex layers. While fun, silly, and a little flaky on the surface, onion boy just like onions represnts the inner struggles, challenges, experiences and depth humans have. As we dig deeper and deeper into the onion or the person, these layers get harder and harder to bear.

About Desiree Hullaster

Painting is my avenue to achieving a flow state, where time ceases and nothing else around me exists. My artwork is an expression. Each work has it’s own unique deep meaning that is derived from my personal experiences, adventures, travels, and spiritual awakening. I largely focus on the duality of human experience to that of the soul purpose. So many of us are stuck in a rat race construct trying to achieve societies definition of happiness instead of setting the definition of happiness for ourselves. Our soul invigorating purpose as humans is ultimately creation and enjoyment of every little moment. I hope to inspire others to create every single day, find their own passion in this world, truely be free, and find inner happiness. My passion for pure adventure, creativity, travel, and freedom drive the inspiration for my art work..



Please allow 2-3 weeks for your print to be processed, hand-printed, signed and delivered

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